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Telefon/Fax (+43) 07286 7216 | A-4131 Obermühl 13 | info@fischgasthof.at

phone/fax (+43) 07286 7216 | A-4131 Obermühl 13 | info@fischgasthof.at

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In the idyllic Upper Danube Valley, where the Kleine Mühl flows into the Danube. You can expect the hospitality of the people and the great landscape of water, stone and forest. Follow the charming hiking trails, discover the nature trail Schlögener Schlinge, climb the observation tower Kirchberg, visit the wildlife park Altenfelden, take a trip with the Viking ship on the Danube or just let your soul! You will also get fishing tickets here.
THE GASTHOF AUMÜLLER in Obermühl is located right in the middle of the cycle path between Passau and Linz, so it's ideal for the overnight stay after the first stage! You can also use the car ferry Kobling - Obermühl, operated by the Fischgasthof Aumüller.

We are looking forward to your visit!


  • ASPARAGUS CREAM SOUP with bread croutons and icing
    € 3.70
  • ASPARAGUS SALAD colorful salad plate with fried bacon, potato slices and asparagus
    € 8,90
  • ASPARAGUS SALAD colorful salad plate with fried bacon, potato slices and asparagus | as appetizer
    € 7,90
  • ASPARAGUS CORDON BLEU Turkey escalope stuffed with ham and asparagus, baked on vegetable rice and herb potato
    € 12.40
  • ZANDER FILET WITH ASPARAGUS fried zander fillet with asparagus, hollandaise, potato and salad
    € 14.90
  • PORTION ASPARAGUS with grilled ham strips, hollandaise sauce and parsley potato
    € 9.80
* Typographical and printing errors reserved | Dear Guest! Information on ingredients in our food that could cause allergies, you will receive on request from our service staff! Repairs can lead to a price increase.

Fishy + specialties

  • RAINBOW TROUT FRIED with parsley potato, garlic butter and salad
    € 12.50
  • FISH GRILL PLATE, VERSCH. FRIED FISH FILLET with parsley potatoes, fresh vegetables, herb butter and salad
    € 14.00
  • FRIED ZANDER FILLET with parsley potato, herb butter and salad
    € 11.80
  • WELSFILET FRIED with fried potatoes, fresh vegetables and salad
    € 11.00
  • GOURMET DISHES Pork medallions medium roast in pepper cream sauce with croquettes and fresh vegetables
    € 11.20
  • WILD STEW served in the Pfandl, various game pieces in mushroom sauce with napkin dumplings and salad
    € 11.80
  • WIENER SCHNITZEL FROM THE PIG with parsley potato, butter rice and salad
    € 10.50
  • PUTENSCHNITZEL "STEIRISCHE ART" Turkey escalope in pumpkin seed bread with vegetable rice, cranberry jam and salad
    € 11.80
  • CHEESE NOODLES with onion, bacon and gauda cheese, salad
    € 9.00

Erich Aumüller is a cook who cooks with much love. Fischgasthof Aumüller offers regional delicacies and seasonal products. Since 2007 Erich Aumüller has been awarded and trained must sommelier. In a cozy and familiar atmosphere, we take care of our guests. Erich Aumüller uses game products from his own hunting and Danube fish from his own fish water (own water rights on the Danube).


Our cider cellar is right next to the Danube (as well as the inn) and can accommodate about 50 people. In our Mostkeller we offer fine Jausenspezialitäten from the region and a cozy atmosphere. Group leaders are possible from 12 people. Please reservate!

We ask for reservation.

  • Mo, Fr, Sa + So from 10-24 o'clock
  • warm kitchen from 10-20 o'clock
  • Jausenkarte all day
  • may/june, tuesday closed
  • july/august, open 7 days

phone/fax (+43) 07286 7216
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We are happy to process your request!

A-4131 Obermühl 13